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Why did Hugo pull the trigger?

Hugo joins a radical, revolutionary organization, but Hugo’s upscale origin turns out to be big hindrance: marginalized in the organization he can only paint posters, leaflets and write articles in a newspaper.
But Hugo dreams of a courageous act, about making a difference, to give his life, his existence meaning.

When his organization plans the murder of their leader Hoederer, who is believed to consider collaborating with his political opponents, the ruling bourgeois parties,  Hugo accepts this task voluntarily. Armed with a gun, he moves as a secretary to the heavily guarded hideout of Hoederers together with his wife Jessica. Again and again he lets the opportunity to murder slip by: The charismatic politician draws him more and more under his spell, same is true for Hugos wife. One afternoon caught Hugo Jessica in the arms of the man he should kill. Hugo shoots.

„It is to be funny free that makes dizzy.“ – Hugo

Aaron Defant – Hugo
Florian Federl – Hoederer
Viola Heeß – Olga
Max Schmidt – Louis
Hasan Dere – Ivan
Henry Braun – Karsky, Slick
Manuel Stahl – Guard, George

Directed by: Simon Eifeler
Directing Assistant: Emmanuel Losch