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A Theaterfabrik Production in English

Written by Dennis Palmen.
Directed by Simon Eifeler.

I’m a third generation AX400 android
I can look after your house
Do the cooking
Mind the kids
I organize your appointments
I speak 300 languages
And I’m entirely at your disposal as a sexual partner
No need to feed me or recharge me
I’m equipped with a quantic battery
That makes me autonomous for 173 years
Do you want to give me a name“

Author Dennis Palmen
Director Simon Eifeler
Actors Nina Tirpitz and Felix Banholzer
Stage Design Cornelius Kabus
Sound- and Video Design Fabian Schulz and Pedro Custódio
Costume Design Sergio Abajur
Graphic Design Andreas Ridder
Artistic Assistance Tabea Pollen
Guest Performance Management Carine Lin-Kwang
Production Management Lars Evers