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My name is Simon Eifeler, I am the founder and director of the “fred – Freies Ensemble Düsseldorf” (Free Ensemble Duesseldorf). I am very happy that you are here to inform yourself about the “fred”.

After finishing my directing diploma in 2008 I founded the “fred” with the desire to offer good stage theatre in my hometown of Duesseldorf. In times of fragmented, post-dramatic narratives, often under negation of place, time, character and action, it was important for me to bring exciting and important stories to the stage and to set on truthful, intense acting and dense atmosphere.

I want to introduce you on these pages to my previous productions, show the team that has been with me in this way and allow you to participate itself to future work of thefred”. <<

Simon Eifeler (February 2016)

Der Process / The Trial

“Someone must have slandered Joseph K., for one morning, without having done anything wrong, he was arrested.” In times of growing fears and resentments to all that is foreign, strange and alien, this fast and crazy theatre adaptation of the classic European novel...
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/about Eve

„Hello. I’m a third generation AX400 android. I can look after your house. Do the cooking. Mind the kids. I organize your appointments, I speak 300 languages. And I’m entirely at your disposal as a sexual partner. No need to feed me or recharge me. I’m equipped with a quantic battery, that makes me autonomous for 173 years. Do you want to give me a name?“

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The Odyssey

The Odyssey as crazy road musical about a man looking for his place in life.
A wrong way to Ithaca over Dusseldorf, Italy, Munich, Los Angeles and the island of the sirens.
On a ram, on many ships, a raft, a couch, a dance floor.
Encounters with Cyclops, with Nausicaa, Circe, Phil Collins and the police.
Confusing, touching and inspiring.

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In the open, virtual worlds of digital computer games, we are experimenting with the art of acting and directing. Unlike in theater or film every spectator is a participant and thus the main person of the action. Also, the player does not encounter prefabricated, artificial figures, controlled by the computer, but real actors that control the figures and lend them their voices. The player is thus able to conduct genuine dialogue with the characters he encounters at any time. The sessions are led by human GMs (directors) that are invisible to the players. These GMs control the storylines and adapt the story to the actions of the player.

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Faust. Addiction. Salvation (Goethe)

In his virtual computer worlds Heinrich Faust is contacted by a misterious figure called Mephistopheles, who promises to show him “what holds the world together in its innermost”. He pulls Faust deeper into virtual worlds. But this game, which appears to come without sacrifice, is not without its commitment.
A Modern and rapid adaptation of the classic by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe with five actors.

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Iphigenia in Tauris (Goethe)

Iphigenia, sacrificed by her father for “good winds” and rescued by the goddess Diana, priestess in Tauris. There King Thoas wants to marry her. Simultaneously Iphigenia brother Orestes appear on the island to save his sister. The young girl has to decide: intrigue and escape or truth and an uncertain future.
Goethe’s Classic Play performed by three male actors.

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Maria Stuart (Schiller)

Maria Stuart is prisoner of her sister, Queen Elizabeth of England. She however is in fear for her crown, as Maria herself has a legitimate claim. While Maria hopes to have a personal conversation with her sister, intrigue unravels at court.
Staged with only two actresses. A bitter struggle between these two women with all the weapons that Schiller wrote in the classic tragedy.

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Woyzeck (Buechner)

Woyzeck is a soldier who loves Marie and has a child with her. Marie, however, is seduced by the drum major who makes her gifts that poor Woyzeck can not afford. Woyzeck learns about the affair of his sweetheart and his jealousy is aroused. This successful production of fred was realized in cooperation with the Theaterfabrik e.V.. The staging impressed particularly by intelligent alienation (among others proliferation of roles, animal masks) and a unique version of the text. All sixteen performances were completely sold out.

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Kassandra (Christa Wolf)

The seer Cassandra, captured after the defeat of Troy by Agamemnon, is abducted to Mycenae. Looking in the face of death she reflects on the time before and during the Trojan War.
This particular staging is a modern adaptation of the famous novel of the same name by Christa Wolf.

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Oedipus King (Sophokles)

Oedipus, King of Thebes is sent from the blind prophet Tiresias to search for the murderer of his father, because only when this murderer is found, Thebes can be freed from the plague.
In this production the “fred” experimented for the first time with a particular stage concept. The entire performance space was the stage, the performers act in the middle, through and with the audience.

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The Zoo Story (Albee)

Peter sits, as every Sunday, on a park bench and reads. He is disturbed by Jerry, which wants to get in contact with Peter at any cost. At ANY cost…
The all sold-out performances of socially critical two-person play by Edward Albee found again be held in the theater factory.

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The Process (Kafka)

Somebody must have slandered Josef K., because without having done anything wrong he was arrested one morning.
With a two actor cast, Kristina Maria Bock staged this modern adapation of the masterpiece of Franz Kafka full of fidelity, crazyness, screamingly funny, dead serious and desperately tragic.

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Why is John Lennon wearing a skirt?

To be 14 years old and to prefer to wear pants and play football is a difficult task when you’re a girl …
The monologue by English author Claire Dowie is about female identity in a world dominated by men.

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The Bridge (M. Gregor)

Spring 1945 in Germany. Living in a small village seven boys are relatively untouched by war. They play cowboys and indians, make first experiences in love, with alcohol, with small pranks. One day she received a call-up to military service.

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Les mains sales (Sartre)

Hugo joins a radical, revolutionary organization, but Hugo’s upscale origin turns out to be big hindrance: marginalized in the organization he can only paint posters, leaflets and write articles in a newspaper.
But Hugo dreams of a courageous act, about making a difference, to give his life, his existence meaning.

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Maria Stuart (2006)

England, 1587. Elizabeth, Queen of England, holds Mary, Queen of Scotland, captive. Mary, expelled from Scotland as a murderer of her husband, had sought protection at Elizabeth. But the illegitimate Elisabeth views her cousin only as a rival queen and a rival woman. A law, specially tailored to Mary, allows Elisabeth to indict Mary as part of a conspiracy and to condemn her to death.

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