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Tragedy in five acts by Friedrich Schiller

A production of the Akademietheater Ulm

England, 1587. Elizabeth, Queen of England, holds Mary, Queen of Scotland, captive. Mary, expelled from Scotland as a murderer of her husband, had sought protection at Elizabeth. But the illegitimate Elisabeth views her cousin only as a rival queen and a rival woman. A law, specially tailored to Mary, allows Elisabeth to indict Mary as part of a conspiracy and to condemn her to death. Mary now hopes to move the cousin to a meeting and sends a request in a letter in which she wants to soften the hearts of her relative. Simultaneously followers of Mary secretly plan the liberation of the Scottish queen. But Elizabeth and her faithful treasurer Burleigh have other plans ….

Elizabeth, Queen of England – Christina Einbock
Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots – Genowajte Tauianskas
Hanna Kennedy, Stuart nurse – Julia Leege
Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester – Thomas Schumacher
George Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury – Christian Peters
Mortimer, his nephew – Thomas Skubski
William Cecil, Baron Burleigh – Max Schmidt
Costumes: Susanne Schanz, Ralph Weller
Assistant Director: Kristina Maria Bock

Director: Simon Eifeler

Premiere: 12.09.2006 at Academy Theater Ulm