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Spring 1945 in Germany. Living in a small village seven boys are relatively untouched by war. They play cowboys and indians, make first experiences in love, with alcohol, with small pranks. One day she received a call-up to military service. Without basic training they are immediately sent to a small bridge in the midst of her hometown, with orders to defend the bridge against the advancing American troops. They assume their new role enthusiastically .

The adaptation, written and compiled by Simon Eifeler was based on the 1958 novel by Manfred Gregor, as well as on the screenplay of the film version of Bernhard Wicki (1959). Manfred Gregor ends his novel with the words: „The youth is not good or bad. It is just like the time in which it lives. „- This thesis is at the heart of the production. It is not a remake of the film, but focuses exclusively on the views of young people – how they perceive the world, which wishes, dreams and experiences they have, how they think about war, heroism, love and death. The viewer accompanies the young people in their way over the bridge into forced adulthood.

By: Henry Brown, Sven Clos, Matthias Höller, Christian Peters, Michael Schlecht, Johannes Schmid, Manuel Stahl, Annegret Taube, Franziska Theiner
Director: Simon Eifeler
Assistant director: Verena Sciesielski

Release: 29/04/2008