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In New York’s Central Park two strangers meet. On one side: Peter, a publishing executive with a wife, children, pretty apartment in a good location, cats, budgies. On the other: Jerry, carelessly dressed, living alone in an apartment house , unrelated, lonely.

Jerry urges Peter to talk. He tells him „stories“ that Peter does understand that he CAN not understand. Then Jerry starts a dispute with Peter over the bench where Peter is sitting and reading every Sunday. He tickles him, he punches him, he makes him get up from the bench. But Peter picks up the fight about „his bank“ …

The Theaterfabrik Dusseldorf e.V. presented  the classic by Edward Albee in co-production with „fred – Freies Ensemble Düsseldorf“. The focus of the presentation is the irrelevance of the coexistence of people in the big city, the vacuity chasing standard of living and the fact that only the outbreak of violence leads to demand or even to rethink. All this packed into a excellent guided dialogue with absurd Pointe, played by the expressive performers Lars Evers and Cornelius Kabus, directed by young director Simon Eifeler: An exciting, entertaining and shocking theater evening which guarantees a mental aftershocks in the audience.

Cornelius Kabus Peter
Lars Evers Jerry
Director: Simon Eifeler