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Woyzeck is a soldier who loves Marie and has a child with her. Marie, however, is seduced by the drum major who makes her gifts that poor Woyzeck can not afford. Woyzeck learns about the affair of his sweetheart and his jealousy is aroused. This successful production of fred was realized in cooperation with the Theaterfabrik e.V.. The staging impressed particularly by intelligent alienation (among others proliferation of roles, animal masks) and a unique version of the text. All sixteen performances were completely sold out.
With: Sven Tillmann, Lisa Stapelfeldt, Lea Kuhl, Sarah Scholl, Catherina Cramer, Cornelius Kabus, Lars Evers and Stefan Krebs.
Director: Simon Eifeler
Assistant Director: Katrin Wendrich
Video: Patrick Waldmann
Cutting: Iskender Isi“ Kökce
Project Management: Jochen Moser

Premiere: October 1, 2010 in the Theaterfabrik